The Honors Thesis/Project is the capstone of your Honors experience in the College of Education & Health Professions. Usually completed during the junior and/or senior year, the Honors Thesis/Project allows you to take a deeper look into the topics that interest you the most alongside one of our world-class faculty members. Completion of the Honors Thesis/Project is a significant milestone during your academic career and is required in order to graduate with Honors. Due to the diverse nature of the majors in our College, we have developed different tracks for the Honors Thesis/Project, which you will select from in consultation with your faculty mentor:

  • Scholastic option
    • “Traditional” thesis: research project, conduct an experiment or case study, collect and analyze survey results, etc.
  • Review option
    • Expanded literature review: critically analyze academic and professional literature about your topic, determine current state of the field
  • Experiential option
    • Practice-based: complete an internship, service learning, or clinical experience related to your topic of interest

Once you complete your Honors Thesis/Project, you must defend it for your Thesis/Project committee, which is composed of your faculty mentor and one additional faculty member. Conference presentations and poster presentations at our annual COEHP Honors Research Symposium can also serve as the defense. The skills you gain while working on the Honors Thesis/Project are highly valued by employers and graduate/professional schools.

Big Picture Thesis Timeline

Six Steps to your Honors Degree:

Step 1

Attend Thesis / Project Meeting:

Mandatory for freshman and sophomore Honors students.

Next meeting:

Fall 2022

Step 2

Assemble Thesis / Project Committee:

Find a Research Mentor that interests you.

Step 3

Enroll in Thesis Tutorial (3901H):

Under the direction of your Research Mentor.

Step 4

Submit and Defend Project Proposal:

Must be completed by Reading Day the semester before graduation.

Proposal Form

Step 5

Enroll in Thesis Course (498VH):

Under the direction of your Research Mentor.

Once thesis/project document is completed, schedule defense and send to committee at least 2 weeks in advance.

Step 6

Defend Thesis / Project & Submit Final Copy:

Defense must be completed by Reading Day the semester of graduation.

Approval Form

Scholarworks Submission Agreement

Important tips:

  • Start early.
  • Apply for research funding.
  • See examples of past COEHP Honors Theses/Projects here.