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Thesis Forms

Honors Thesis/Project Proposal Form

  • Submission Deadlines
    • Spring graduates: Dead Day of the previous fall semester
    • Fall graduate: last day of previous Summer II session
    • Summer graduate: Dead Day of previous spring semester
    • ONLY the Proposal Form should be submitted; the text of your proposal DOES NOT need to be submitted.

Thesis/Project Approval Form

  • Submission Deadlines
    • Spring graduates: Dead Day of spring semester
    • Fall graduate: Dead Day of fall semester
    • Summer graduate: Last day of Summer II session

Author Agreement

  • To be completed and uploaded to ScholarWorks@UARK after successful defense of thesis project.
  • For a detailed tutorial of the ScholarWorks submission process, click here.

Thesis Evaluation Tool

  • Thesis/Project mentors may optionally use this form to evaluate the thesis and defense.
  • This form DOES NOT need to be submitted to the COEHP Honors Program.

Digital Signatures

You may use digital signatures on all COEHP Honors Program Thesis Forms, if you and your mentor decide this is the best option. In order to utilize digital signatures, follow these steps:

  1. Download the blank form and save to your computer
  2. Open the form in Adobe Reader (not in your internet browser)
  3. Complete the top portion of the form and the digital student signature (if applicable)
  4. Save the completed form
  5. Email the form to your mentor/committee members
  6. Submit the completed and signed form using one of the submission methods listed below

Submitting Forms

There are two ways to submit the Proposal and Approval forms for your Honors Thesis/Project. You can choose the submission type that is easiest for you. Be sure the thesis mentor, thesis committee members, and student (if applicable) have signed the forms before submission.

The Author Agreement should be uploaded directly to ScholarWorks after being signed by the student and thesis mentor. Additional information, including step-by-step instructions, can be found here.