The Honors Student Faculty Mentor should help the student select an appropriate Thesis/Project topic, determine its scope, assist in development of the proposal and selection of the Thesis/Project Committee, and assist the student in planning a timetable for completion of each stage of the project.

The faculty mentor should guide the student in developing research or creative skills in the discipline and the ability to do independent work. The faculty mentor should help the student select appropriate methodologies, conduct research carefully, determine the presentational mode (text, hypertext, multimedia, visual), and see that the student's final work meets the expectations of an Honors Thesis/Project in the discipline.

The faculty mentor should help to ensure that the student avoids plagiarism and/or misrepresentation of data or information and that the research is in full compliance with the discipline's ethical guidelines.

The faculty mentor should require regular meetings with the student to check on the project and the student's progress. Developing the self-discipline for regular, measurable work is the biggest obstacle for the typical honors student who is carrying a full load of coursework. The faculty mentor will award a grade for the course when all requirements have been met.

When the thesis proposal has been satisfactorily completed and approved by the Thesis/Project Committee, the faculty mentor should sign the Honors Thesis /Project Proposal Form. The student is to submit the signed Honors Thesis/Project Proposal Form here no later than Dead Day of the semester prior to the student's anticipated graduation.

Upon the student's final completion and defense of the thesis project, the faculty mentor may utilize the Thesis Evaluation Tool to evaluate the thesis and defense. This form is optional and DOES NOT need to be submitted to the COEHP Honors Program. Finally, the Thesis/Project Approval Form should be submitted here by Dead Day of the student's graduating semester.


Honors courses in the College of Education & Health Professions are only to be taught by faculty members; graduate assistants are not eligible to teach Honors courses.


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