Outstanding Faculty Award

Congratulations 2019 Winners!Congratulations 2018 Winner!

Congratulations 2019 Winners!

Angela Elsass, EdD and Rachel Glade, PhD

Congratulations 2018 Winner!

Kristen Jozkowski, PhD


Each year, COEHP Honors students nominate faculty members for the COEHP Outstanding Honors Faculty Award. The Honors Thesis process is a significant amount of work for the student, but it would not be possible without the selfless dedication of our talented COEHP faculty members. This award is one way to recognize them for their hard work and diligence. All COEHP Honors students are encouraged to nominate faculty members that have gone above and beyond in assisting with the Honors Thesis process or Honors degree during their time at the University of Arkansas.

In the spring, an email will be sent to all COEHP Honors students with details regarding the nomination process. The award is given at the COEHP Honors & Awards Banquet in April.

Past Recipients

Angela Elsass, EdD

Clinical Assistant Professor of Childhood Education

Nominated by: Sophia Vincent, Childhood Education student


Rachel Glade, PhD

Clinical Assistant Professor of Communication Disorders

Nominated by: Aaryn Boudreaux, Amy Meek, and Ashton Robbins, Communication Disorders students

Kristen Jozkowski, PhD

Assistant Professor of Community Health Promotion

Nominated by: Andrew O'Neil, Public Health student