Honors Council

The Council's Chairperson serves as the Director of the program and represents the College on the University Honors Council. The Chairperson of the Honors Council is responsible for providing regular reports to the College Council. Term limits for Honors Council members is for a period of three years. Responsibilities of the Honors Council shall include but not be limited to the following functions:

  • provides oversight of the College Honors Program including recruitment, continuing and transfer student admission and progression of honors students;
  • provides oversight and evaluation of the honors student thesis process;
  • establishes operational policies and procedures related to the College Honors Program; and
  • serves as a resource body for faculty members and honors students in the College regarding rules, policies, and procedures related to the Honors Program.

Following are faculty member names, by department or school, linked to their email addresses.

Curriculum and Instruction

Eleanor Mann School of Nursing

Health, Human Performance, and Recreation

Rehabilitation, Human Resources, and Communication Disorders