Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find some of the questions most frequently asked by prospective and current students of the College of Education & Health Professions Honors Program. If your question is not listed below, please Contact Us where you can detail your concern. 

  • Incoming students must have an ACT/SAT of 28/1310 and a minimum high school grade point average of 3.50 to join the COEHP Honors Program. Superscores are not considered for admission, only a single composite on the national exams.
  • Current University of Arkansas students must have a minimum grade point average of 3.50 on all UA coursework to be eligible.
  • Transfer students must have a minimum grade point average of 3.50 on all coursework to be eligible.
  • Applications are not accepted from students within three major (fall/spring) semesters of graduation.

Please visit our Admission Requirements page for additional information.

Please visit our Apply page to submit your application to the COEHP Honors Program.

The Fellowship application is a create-your-own, where the student must provide all the necessary materials to the Honors College, detailed at its page.

There is no minimum or maximum amount of Honors hours a student must take each term. Most students will take no more than two Honors courses in any given semester. Overall, students in COEHP Honors must complete 18 hours of Honors credit, of which at least 10 hours must come from within the student’s major program of study. Academic advisors in the Office of Academic Student Initiatives and Services (OASIS) will be able to list specific course requirements for each major.

Only for students who joined the COEHP Honors Program before Fall 2016.

In Fall 2016, changes were implemented to the COEHP Honors Program that simplified the options available to students, removing the Departmental Honors option and establishing an 18 Honors credit hour requirement for all students entering the COEHP Honors Program beginning that semester.

Additional information can be found under Program of Study.

Yes. To graduate with Honors from COEHP, a student must write or create an Honors thesis/project. You will defend your thesis/project before a panel of two committee members. 

There are multiple types of experiences that can qualify for your Honors thesis/project:

  • Scholastic
    • “Traditional” thesis: research project, conduct an experiment, case studies, etc.
  • Review
    • Expanded literature review: critically analyze professional literature about your topic
  • Experiential
    • Practice-based: internship, clinical experience, service learning

No. The overall credit hour requirement to complete your degree is not higher for Honors students. You must complete at least 18 hours of Honors credit, but these hours are incorporated into your degree and are not “extra” hours.

It is possible for students in all undergraduate, on-campus programs within COEHP to graduate with Honors. Many students across diverse programs in the College graduate with Honors every year. Some students are concerned by the fact that their majors require a very specific set of courses to graduate. However, required Honors courses generally will substitute for their non-Honors equivalent.

To remain in good standing, students must maintain a minimum grade point average of 3.50 in their University of Arkansas coursework. Those who fall below this standard will be placed on probation for one semester. If a student fails to bring their GPA above 3.50 during the semester of probation, they will be removed from the COEHP Honors Program, and their Honors courses will be removed from their upcoming schedule. Students whose GPA falls below 3.00 will be immediately removed from the COEHP Honors Program.

No. A benefit of maintaining good standing in the COEHP Honors Program is the ability to take Honors courses.

When searching for classes, Honors sections will always include an H or M following the course code. For example, EXSC 3723H and BIOL 1541M are Honors courses.

Honors courses in the College of Education & Health Professions are taught exclusively by our outstanding faculty members. Graduate assistants are not eligible to teach honors courses in COEHP.

Generally, no. The only exceptions are for students who complete BIOL 1541M or BIOL 2011M along with the corresponding non-Honors lecture. Since no Honors lecture is available for these courses, students completing the Honors lab will receive a total of 4 hours of Honors credit.

Required thesis/project forms can be found here.

There are two ways to submit the Proposal and Approval forms for your Honors Thesis/Project. You can choose the submission type that is easiest for you. Be sure the thesis mentor, thesis committee members, and student (if applicable) have signed the forms before submission.

The Thesis Evaluation Tool may optionally be used by the thesis mentor to evaluate the thesis and defense. It DOES NOT need to be submitted to the COEHP Honors Program.

The Author Agreement should be uploaded directly to ScholarWorks after being signed by the student and thesis mentor. Additional information, including step-by-step instructions, can be found here.

You will be asked to move your graduation and defense to the following term. Thus, it is very important for you to follow all stated deadlines and read your emails carefully and frequently. 

You inform the COEHP Honors Program of your intended term of graduation and defense. Then, you move your term of graduation by contacting the Office of the Registrar.

Students must begin thesis research at the least three semesters before their term of graduation.  For instance, Spring 2017 graduates must begin research no later than Spring 2016 and continue the research and thesis work through Spring 2017. 

Your final Latin graduation level will be determined by your cumulative grade point average (GPA):

  • Summa Cum Laude: GPA ≥ 3.9
  • Magna Cum Laude: GPA 3.7 - 3.89
  • Cum Laude: GPA 3.5 - 3.69

In order to leave the COEHP Honors Program, complete the Exit Survey. Once the survey has been completed, you will be removed from COEHP Honors.